The Dictator storms London with the World Premiere

London’s Royal Festival Hall was the scene for Admiral General Aladeen’s unveiling of his new film The Dictator on Thursday night, 10 May.  The General presided over the festivities that saw various cast members and British celebs of various rankings rubbing shoulders with the great leader on the red carpet.  Amongst those in attendance were co-star Anna Faris, director and former Seinfeld scribe Larry Charles, Bridesmaids Chris O’Dowd, Mohammed Al Fayed, and actress Isla Fisher, wife of British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Here are a handful of photos from the evening:

Admiral General Aladeen flanked by his security team at the world premiere in London

The scene of The Dictator world premiere at the Royal Festival Hall

Anna Faris interviewed on the red carpet of The Dictator world premiere

Director Larry Charles at the world premiere

Alex Zane interviews The Dictator, Admiral General Aladeen at the world premiere

Jason Mantzoukas at the world premiere of The Dictator

Isla Fisher attends The Dictator world premiere

Chris O’Dowd makes a fashion statement at the world premiere of The Dictator

Aladeen’s entourage

Abi Titmuss at the world premiere of The Dictator

Made in Chelsea’s Amber Atherton on the red carpet

The likeness of Admiral General Aladeen drapped over the Royal Festival Hall

Admiral General Aladeen addresses the audience before the world premiere screening of The Dictator

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