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Cosmopolis Q&A with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson

Last night Curzon Mayfair hosted a special preview screening of David Cronenberg’s latest feature Cosmopolis. Afterwards the legendary director took to the stage with his leading man, Robert Pattinson to discuss several topics relating to the film and working with the ever-popular Twilight star.

David Cronenberg discusses his latest film, Cosmopolis, alongside lead Robert Pattinson

The full audio of the 33-minute conversation follows the jump, with transcription to follow, if you’re good.  Be aware that some spoilers are contained but nothing that would take away from the unique experience this film presents.
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The Dictator storms London with the World Premiere

London’s Royal Festival Hall was the scene for Admiral General Aladeen’s unveiling of his new film The Dictator on Thursday night, 10 May.  The General presided over the festivities that saw various cast members and British celebs of various rankings rubbing shoulders with the great leader on the red carpet.  Amongst those in attendance were co-star Anna Faris, director and former Seinfeld scribe Larry Charles, Bridesmaids Chris O’Dowd, Mohammed Al Fayed, and actress Isla Fisher, wife of British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Here are a handful of photos from the evening:

Admiral General Aladeen flanked by his security team at the world premiere in London

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Avengers Assemble London Press Conference Report

Before getting all glammed up for the big European premiere of Avengers Assemble at Westfield London last Thursday 19 April, the cast gathered alongside producer Kevin Feige and executive producer Jeremy Latcham at Claridge’s Hotel to field questions from the press.  Here’s what went down:

Edith Bowman (moderator):  I wanna direct my question to Kevin and Jeremy Latcham, please first of all. Five hundred Avengers issues over the past 48 years, how and where do you start with this story?

Jeremy Latcham: Well, I mean, part of putting these movies together, especially on this one, was actually taking everything that existed in the movies that we’ve done and having to be faithful to the movies that we’ve already put together.  And at the same time having to go back to the comics as well and make sure that we’re faithful to everything in the comics and everything in the movies.  So it is a little bit of a challenge trying to find the right source material to kinda be the inspiration, but luckily Joss Whedon, our director and writer extraordinaire, is really, really good at assimilating all that material and he just kinda goes “Oh, just do it like this”. Oh, oh that’s much easier. Read More…

The Avengers cast assemble for European premiere

Westfield Shopping Centre played host to the massive Avengers Assemble European premiere in west London last night; an event that saw the red carpet teeming with the film’s stars.  With a sea of fans looking on from all angles, many in fancy dress and some arriving the previousday for the event, Robert Downey Junior, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth andLondon’s own Tom Hiddleston soaked up the adoration while greeting the masses.

The Avengers onstage together at the European premiere 19 April

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2012 Academy Awards Live Blog!

Tonight’s the big night!  Yes, that time of year when Hollywood gives itself a giant hand (not saying what that hand is doing, mind) and celebrates all that the totally in-touch Academy feels is the finest in film over the past year.  I’ll be live blogging the event as it unfolds, so stay up and buckle in for what in all honesty will be a smooth predictable ride, but hey, you never know when there will be a gigantic pothole awaiting. Just ask Marisa Tomei.

I’ll also be tweeting and looking for the best lines from film Twits to include here, with all due credit of course, so everyone play along!

Who do you think will be taking home the shiny bald statues tonight?  I’m thinking The Artist will make a clean sweep.  So much so that in the night’s only shocking development, it will manage to take home awards it’s not even nominated or eligible for.  So, best animated short?  That’s right, my money is on The Artist.

Be sure to check in between 11pm and midnight tonight, when I’ll be kicking the online festivities off (dependent upon when my full-body bronzing is dry).
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The Woman in Black World Premiere

The world premiere for The Woman in Black hit the south-bank of London tonight as the film’s stars and more than a few Harry Potter lovers converged at the Royal Festival Hall.  While a considerably smaller affair than Daniel Radcliffe’s last London premiere, there was no shortage of fangirl appreciation as their screams of admiration were enough to burst the most hardened of eardrums.

My review of the film is in the works, but in the meantime, here are a few photos of the from the red carpet tonight…

The Woman in Black World Premiere at Royal Festival Hall, London 24 January 2012

The Woman in Black World Premiere at Royal Festival Hall, London 24 January 2012

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Review: Margaret

It is perhaps fitting that Kenneth Lonergan’s cynical Margaret has been sitting on the shelf for the past five years due to disputes over the final edited form.  Addressing disconnection and the impact of each individual’s perspective, Margaret is now, finally and quietly, on release.  The film is complex and baffling, but always enthralling with the occasional dab of dark humour to spice things up along the way.

Margaret is currently showing at Odeon Panton Street in London

Anna Paquin is Lisa Cohen, a spoiled and bored 17-year-old, private school attendee living with her stage actor mother in New York City.  Meanwhile her father (Lonergan himself) awkwardly speaks of the state of his job in California while attempting to arrange for Lisa to visit.  The dramatics kick off when, MTA bus driver Maretti (Mark Ruffalo), distracted by Lisa’s bus-side attempts to grab his attention, blows through a red light and runs down a woman crossing the street. Lisa cradles the bloodied woman, Monica (Allison Janney), whose furious shock elevates the scene to truly disturbing heights.  Her eventual death and police questioning lead to a cover-up that haunts Lisa to the point of obsession.  After much discussion with police, teachers and Monica’s friend, Emily (Jeannie Berlin) Lisa sets out to ensure Maretti pays for his negligence.
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Arthur Christmas World Premiere

Christmas landed early in London today, as the world premiere for Aardman Animation’s Arthur Christmas was held at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square.  Decorated pine trees lined the red carpet as snow fell overhead.  On hand for the celebration, which helped to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, were Aardman legends Peter Lord and Nick Park.  Joining cast members Bill Nighy, Ashley Jensen and Ramona Marquez, were director Sarah Smith, writer Peter Baynham and an array of British talent including the ever jolly Nick Frost.

Edith Bowman prepares to host the Arthur Christmas world premiere

Bowman interviews the voice of Grand Santa, Bill Nighy

Aardman's Peter Lord and Nick Park discuss Arthur Christmas

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Empire Big Screen 2011 Final Thoughts

To finally close the book on Empire Big Screen 2011, I wanted to offer up some final thoughts about the event and what I felt worked and what didn’t work.

In order to end on a positive note, I’ll begin with-
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Empire Big Screen 2011 – Day 3 (Sunday 14 August)

I began my Sunday with the Paramount showcase at the Indigo2.  We got the same Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol trailer that had been screened prior to some of the films over the weekend.  I’ve never much cared for MI and I’m no Tom Cruise fan, but Jeremy Renner just might hold my interest for this.  There was also the same rubbish trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 that’s been everywhere else.  I had enjoyed the first one, saw the second on good faith and thought it was pointless.  I’m still not convinced the film-makers have any idea what they’re doing with this story and I would question why anyone who saw PA2 would be interested in yet another prequel. None of what I have seen is compelling, nor is the fact that the team behind Catfish has taken the project on- and I loved Catfish.
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