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Avengers Assemble London Press Conference Report

Before getting all glammed up for the big European premiere of Avengers Assemble at Westfield London last Thursday 19 April, the cast gathered alongside producer Kevin Feige and executive producer Jeremy Latcham at Claridge’s Hotel to field questions from the press.  Here’s what went down:

Edith Bowman (moderator):  I wanna direct my question to Kevin and Jeremy Latcham, please first of all. Five hundred Avengers issues over the past 48 years, how and where do you start with this story?

Jeremy Latcham: Well, I mean, part of putting these movies together, especially on this one, was actually taking everything that existed in the movies that we’ve done and having to be faithful to the movies that we’ve already put together.  And at the same time having to go back to the comics as well and make sure that we’re faithful to everything in the comics and everything in the movies.  So it is a little bit of a challenge trying to find the right source material to kinda be the inspiration, but luckily Joss Whedon, our director and writer extraordinaire, is really, really good at assimilating all that material and he just kinda goes “Oh, just do it like this”. Oh, oh that’s much easier. Read More…

The Avengers cast assemble for European premiere

Westfield Shopping Centre played host to the massive Avengers Assemble European premiere in west London last night; an event that saw the red carpet teeming with the film’s stars.  With a sea of fans looking on from all angles, many in fancy dress and some arriving the previousday for the event, Robert Downey Junior, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth andLondon’s own Tom Hiddleston soaked up the adoration while greeting the masses.

The Avengers onstage together at the European premiere 19 April

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The Avengers assemble a smashing success

With less than two weeks until its UK release, Marvel’s The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble, as it’s needlessly being touted in this land) is just about ready for release. Why just about? Well, last night’s “fan screening” was presented in glorious 2D, so this review won’t be able to offer any insight into how effective the 3D version is or isn’t.  Then there’s that extra scene Robert Downey Jr mentioned that was to be shot following the premiere (which Marvel studios producer Kevin Feige sheds a bit of light on here).  Still, with 99% off the pieces in place, it’s easy enough to make a call on Joss Whedon’s super super-hero film The Avengers. 

The Avengers assembles at UK cinemas 26 April

Bringing together an all-star cast of characters with an all-star cast of actors was never going to be an enviable task, yet writer/director Whedon manages to make it look easy across the 2+ hour run-time.  It would certainly behoove the viewer to have seen the films that have led to The Avengers, especially Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America: The First Avenger as little time is spent re-introducing the central figures, as Whedon focuses on continuing their stories and their personal growth.  A great example of this is seen in Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) response to the new threat posed in The Avengers by his embittered brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston).  In the spirit of teamwork, here’s a look at how The Avengers work once they’re assembled.
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Review: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

After a five-year layoff, Ethan Hunt returns in renowned animation director Brad Bird’s live action debut Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The series’ fourth film sees Tom Cruise’s Hunt paired with a returning Simon Pegg’s Benji alongside new team members Agents Carter (Paula Patton) and Brandt (soon to be Bourne, Jeremy Renner).  The result is a high-octane rush of action that is bound to thrill audiences worldwide.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol crashes UK cinemas on 26 December

Following an immediate burst of fevered pursuit and gunfire in Budapest that sees an agent murdered for his top-secret files, the story moves to Moscow where the Impossible Missions Force are about to attempt a prison break in order to free a locked-up Hunt, having been imprisoned following his wife’s murder.  Going out of his way to secure the freedom of an informant first, Hunt makes his escape in spectacular fashion, all before the title sequence (harking back to the series’ origins) and iconic theme kick in.  The real fun begins once the IMF is assigned the task of infiltrating the Kremlin in order to access files revealing the identity of would-be nuclear terrorist, code-named Cobalt (the other star of Sweden’s Millennium Trilogy, Michael Nyqvist, getting a well-deserved Hollywood spotlight).  However, when the end result sees the Kremlin reduced to rubble, the team is disavowed by the US government and must act on its own in order to clear its name and prevent Cobalt from igniting a nuclear apocalypse.
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